Custom Art Journey: Perfecting Craft and Life

Custom Art Journey

Hello, my friends! It’s Samantha again, coming to you with a fresh look into my life as an artist and an everyday woman. Today, I’m inviting you along on my custom art journey and sharing a peek into my personal life.

Embarking on a Custom Art Journey

As an artist, I’ve always found satisfaction in creating something uniquely my own. Recently, however, I took on a new challenge: creating a custom piece for a customer. It’s an entirely different journey, filled with the thrill of deciphering the customer’s vision, and the fear of not living up to their expectations.

This custom art journey has me tapping into my ability to connect deeply with others, understand their aesthetic, and then bring it to life on paper. It’s like being a detective and a translator all at once, taking the customer’s abstract ideas and turning them into a physical piece of art.

The Perfectionist’s Struggle in Art and Life

Despite the excitement, I’ve been grappling with my inner perfectionist. I want the customer to absolutely fall in love with the piece, and that’s a lot of pressure. I’ve had to remind myself that it’s okay not to be perfect, and that it’s more about the process and the connection than getting everything just right. This struggle isn’t unique to my art, either – it follows me in my personal life.

Speaking of my personal life, I visited the dentist this week. And, oh boy, the costs! They’re astronomically high in the US, and it’s made me reconsider my options. My husband and I are seriously considering having my dental work done overseas. We found a highly reputable dentist who can do the work for half the price, even including airfare. It’s a big step, but it’s worth considering, don’t you think?

New Art Tools and Work Challenges

On a lighter note, I treated myself to some new art pens at Michael’s. Bought six of them, plus a fascinating drawing tool that promises interesting patterns in my artwork. I’m excited to incorporate these into my grid art (graph paper art) pieces.

In the midst of all this, my job’s performance reviews are looming. As the eternal people-pleaser that I am, I can’t help but feel nervous about it. I hope my managers see the effort I put into my work.

This custom art journey, like life, has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. But, isn’t that what makes it all so exciting?

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