Drawing Life’s Inspirations: Grid Art and Personal Growth

Drawing Life's Inspirations

Drawing Life’s Inspirations: Creativity in the Eye of a Storm

Adapting to change and overcoming obstacles are essential parts of an artist’s life. Drawing Life’s Inspirations is about finding beauty and inspiration in the everyday moments, the trials, and the successes. In the midst of creating Grid Art and Graph Paper Art, life happens.

Overcoming Life’s Storms

Recently, a severe storm hit my hometown in Spring, TX. We lost power for two days, and I found myself not sleeping for two consecutive nights. The morning after the storm, I faced the tough decision of whether or not to go to work. However, I decided to push through and honour my commitments. It turned out I was the only one from my team who showed up that day, the day of our performance reviews.

The Fury of Nature

While storms can disrupt our lives, they often reveal the power and unpredictability of nature. The recent tempest that hit Spring, TX, brought down trees all over our community, transforming familiar landscapes into scenes of chaos and devastation. A tree fell right in my own front yard, missing our house by mere inches. This terrifying yet awe-inspiring scene reminded me of nature’s uncontrolled forces, which will no doubt shape my Grid Art and Graph Paper Art in new, unforeseen ways.

Crossbody Bag: A Parabolic Dimension Delight

Last week, a close friend received his eagerly awaited Parabolic Dimension Crossbody Bag, another splendid piece from our Grid Art inspired collection. He was so thrilled, he posted an unboxing video on Instagram. The response was fantastic! He pointed out that he was highly impressed by the quality of the bag and its versatile straps – long and short. He fell in love with the intricate pattern, a testament to the attention to detail that went into designing the bag.

Check out the unboxing video here:

Instagram Creativity Challenge

As part of my creative journey, I’m constantly exploring new ways to express my artistry and share my work with the world. Lately, I’ve been grappling with ideas for Instagram reels and stories. They are a fantastic medium to showcase my Graph Paper Art and Grid Art, but they also require a different kind of creativity. So, stay tuned as I navigate this exciting new aspect of Drawing Life’s Inspirations.

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