Guatemala Trip Tales: A Journey of Highs and Lows

Guatemala Trip Tales

A Bittersweet Beginning

Last week, my husband and I set off for our much-anticipated trip to Guatemala. On our agenda was my dental appointment, and his paperwork related to his late father’s estate. Yet, life, as it often does, threw us a curveball.

Guatemala Trip Tales: The Unexpected Turn

No sooner had our feet touched Guatemalan soil than we were greeted with distressing news. My mother-in-law had fallen seriously ill due to liver complications. Her condition was so severe that she was rushed to the emergency room and hospitalized for the entire duration of our stay. This unexpected turn cast a shadow on our trip, but, amidst the chaos, my sister-in-law emerged as our rock. She graciously shuttled us to various appointments, aiding us in our quests despite grappling with the emotional weight of her mother’s illness.

Meanwhile, the paperwork my husband intended to complete hit a wall. Some prerequisites we assumed were in place turned out to be absent, turning his task into a whirlwind of errands and unplanned stops.

As for me, while the dental procedures went smoothly, they left me in a fair amount of discomfort. On the brighter side, I couldn’t help but feel relieved as I calculated the costs. What would have been a substantial bill in the U.S was slashed by half here! It’s unsettling how the U.S healthcare system demands exorbitant amounts for such basic needs.

A Silver Lining to Our Trip

In between the errands and hospital visits, we found pockets of joy. Family gatherings brought warmth to our hearts, even in trying times. Guatemala City pleasantly surprised us with its affordable yet top-notch culinary delights. Our palates danced with local dishes, and we discovered what might be the world’s best Chow Mein at a tucked-away Chinese restaurant on our last night.

In a brief moment of respite, I continued with my passion for “Grid Art (Graph Paper Art)” and captured a serene moment of me engrossed in my craft. For those curious, I’ve shared that snapshot on my Instagram and right here for you all.

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